Good day, my dear reader. Just a couple of days ago, during another wave of thoughts on the topic of gaming and e-sports in the modern world, the following thought came to me – “Is there a future for mobile games in these directions?” A long thought process led me to several points that I would like to tell you about in my article.

“Pfft … Playing on your phone is stupid and inconvenient … You just have a low-end PC, so you play with your mobile crap!”

You can often hear such a loud statement from the lips of ill-mannered and not versed in the topic people, in particular, this phenomenon is common among adolescents.

Arguing with such people is useless, and, in truth, it does not make any sense. They firmly believe that mobile “gaming” is only a pseudo-copies of computer games. Even 5-6 years ago, mobile games could not be regarded as something competitive in the gaming market, however, now you can see all their charm, that significant breakthrough, and advancement in the mobile gaming industry.

Modern mobile games are no longer simple attempts to port or recreate card and slot machine games, but a whole art. Previously, game developers only cared about their position in the ratings, about the benefits obtained through purchases of in-game currency, and other crap like this. At that time, e-sports already existed in PC gaming, but it was difficult to think about full-fledged tournaments in mobile versions of games. However, you still could find tournaments held exclusively on mobile devices, but only on websites such as casino Casinonic. And all these tournaments were based on gambling games only. There are several reasons for this, I will not delve into them, yet the topic is slightly different.

Gameloft is the pioneer in mobile esports!

I will never believe that you have not come across this great gaming company. Gameloft has hundreds of games on her account, played by millions of people, and if you are not new to the field of mobile games, you probably remember their games made in Java, when no one knew anything about Android devices.

What the hell is a pioneer, you may ask? Believe me, this company has done a lot in the promotion and development of games and e-sports on mobile devices, although at the beginning Gameloft was essentially copying famous PC games. Think of the same Asphalt series, which reminded us of the acclaimed series of games from EA Games (copy of Need for Speed). Still, Asphalt had its charm that made players continue to play. Is Modern Combat a familiar game? But it also reminds us of some series of games (like Call of Duty).

Now I’ll get to the point of why I consider Gameloft company as a pioneer. At one time, they tried to create something more than just an ordinary mobile game. And that very moment, 2011-2012, two unique games fell into the hands of owners of Android and iOS devices – Heroes of Order and Chaos (MOBA) and Order and Chaos Online (MMORPG). Someone saw in them copies of two pillars of the gaming industry – DOTA 2 and World of Warcraft. Although there were some similarities, these games are connected by one universe, which has its characteristics, details, and beauty. I will never forget the time I spent playing these games, and I am sincerely grateful to Gameloft for these fond memories!

It was these two games that left my impression of the development of esports in the mobile gaming sphere. I remember the OaC Online amateur tournaments sponsored by the company, supporting the winners with in-game currency, etc. There’s a lot to say about Heroes of Order and Chaos. MOBA-genre, team battles, where teamplay is a fundamental rule.

After the release of the game, only a couple of months have passed since I already took part in amateur tournaments, and you know, it was great! Although the game had flaws, bugs, crashes, and other unpleasant moments, nothing will change my opinion.

Despite all the problems which these games had, the players still played and tried to help the company solve them. Trust me, it means a lot. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, games have lost their popularity against the background of other, larger, and more optimized projects. But it was Gameloft that opened the gates to the development of eSports in the field of mobile games.

Please do not think that this is an advertisement for this company, I just respect their work and sincerely thank Gameloft for the time that I’ve spent in their creations.

Is the end of 2020 the beginning of a new era of esports in mobile projects?

This is the culmination of my long story. Hope you’re not tired of reading it yet. 2020 brought us many surprises, mostly bad ones…

But what impressed me the most of all in 2020 the announcement and close release of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics for mobile devices. As a true fan of the League of Legends universe, I was extremely happy with such news, because now I can play my favorite game even from my phone, isn’t it great?

My confidence that Riot Games will actively follow their projects, contribute to their promotion, implement ideas, and develop the esports component is unshakable. Why did I decide to focus specifically on projects from Riot Games, and not, for example, on two other very popular projects – Fortnite from Epic Games and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds from Tencent Games? The answer is simple my friend, at the peak of the popularity of the Battle Royal genre, the developers decided to port their projects to mobile devices, however, if Fortnite is currently considered one of the most popular games, then PUBG is “dissolving” in negative feedback from players. I see no point in writing about the two titans who promoted the Battle Royale genre, everyone understands perfectly well, how and what is being implemented there – the same tournaments, the same professional teams, big prize money, and so on. So, back to Riot Games.

The main difference between Teamfight Tactics and many other projects is the ability to play from a smartphone along with players from other platforms, just as it is implemented in Blizzard’s Heartstone. Accordingly, you can safely hold tournaments between players, while the participant does not have to be at home, he can be anywhere! This moment seems to be insignificant, but not in the realities of this game and the modern lifestyle of many people. I am sure that this will be the new “engine” of esports on mobile devices.

The same can be said for League of Legends: Wild Rift. Riot Games will be able to create its own e-sports platform based on the mobile version quickly and efficiently, there is no doubt about it.


I will not torment you with the text anymore, I will only say one thing. 2021 will bring a lot of cool elements to mobile gaming, which will affect e-sports as well. I am sure that from this anniversary year there will be a real “phase leap” in the game industry, and we, as players, will see something new in all projects!

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