Months after the consoles hit this frozen DLC, the Iceborn add-on for Monster Hunter: World is finally out for PC players. But it looks like the extension doesn’t work or load for most of the players.

Iceborne doesn’t load for you? We found the problem. However, fixing Iceborne’s endless download may be more troublesome than it’s worth, especially if you’ve downloaded extensive mods.

The problem is that the mods are currently not supported for DLC.

Why is Iceborn endlessly downloading to my PC?

Something about the mandatory update of Iceborn doesn’t work well with existing mods and completely destroys the download system. It’s not known if or when the problem will be resolved with a future patch, or if all mods will need to be rebuilt from scratch.

To fix a bug not loading Iceborn, it is best to completely remove all mods, and then remove and reinstall the game from scratch. This may mean that you will have to start over, because even your saved files with modified content can lead to an endless download error.

To solve the problem, the easiest way is to simply delete the folder where all the mods are located. If you didn’t specifically save your mods elsewhere, browse to the hard drive where Monster Hunter: World is installed and browse to \ Monster Hunter World \ NativePC.

In most cases, the full path will be:

C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Monster Hunter World \ NativePC
However, the path may vary depending on your settings and the location of the base game.

You can either delete the mods in one of these folders, or just delete the whole folder to erase them all at once.

If you do not want to lose all your mods due to the likelihood that they will work again in the near future, there is an alternative. Just rename the folder “nativePC” to something else, like “RENAMELATER” or “TEMPORARYNAME” so you don’t forget.

Changing the folder name should prevent all mods from working as the file path no longer works. When the mods are fixed, you can rename the folder back to “NativePC”.

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