After you choose the most appropriate faction for you, you will need to determine the origin of the character. No matter which faction you choose, its choice does not affect the background of the character, it is the same for each faction. In Mount and Blade II Bannerlord: there are several choices about the background of the character, and you can read about each of them below.

Character Prehistory Options

You were born into a three-person family…
Baron’s servants
Traders in the city
Smith of the city

Baron’s servants
“Your father was a bailiff to a local feudal lord. He looked after his liege’s estates, settled disputes in the village and helped train village tax collectors. He rode with the cavalry of the lord and fought like an armoured knight.” If you choose this variant of your character’s prehistory, you’ll get 10 skill levels and +1 point of skill for riding and tree arms, as well as +1 point of communication attribute.

City traders
“You were born into a family of traders in one of the largest cities in the kingdom. Your parents used to equip caravans in nearby towns and were active members of the local merchant guild.” This choice gives you 10 skill levels and +1 point of skill to trade and charm, and +1 point of intelligence attribute.

Yomans .
“Your family was farming. Your parents had enough land to feed themselves and make a small profit from this land. That’s how the economy of the kingdom stayed, because it was the taxes levied on them that formed the basis of the state treasury.” By choosing this, you will provide yourself with 10 skill levels and +1 point of stamina and crossbow skill, and +1 point of endurance attribute.

City Smith
“Your family owned a forge in town. Your father actively participated in the activities of the city council and played a minor role there, as well as serving in the police.” This choice provides 10 skill levels and +1 point for the blacksmith and possession of two-handed weapons, as well as +1 point of power attribute.

“Your family lived in the village, but your parents had no land of their own. Instead, your father found a job and complemented it with long trips to the forest. He hunted and jealously watched the game in his lord’s forests.” The hunter’s choice of prehistory provides 10 skill levels and +1 point for reconnaissance and crossbow shooting, as well as +1 point for the attribute of cunning.

“Your father has joined one of the many mercenary squads. These units consisted of people who were so used to war in the service of their master that they never returned to a peaceful life. Mercenary crossbows were highly valued in Calradia. Your mother was also a mercenary camper and took you camping when you were a child.” Selecting a mercenary as a prehistory of a character provides 10 skill levels and +1 point to cheating and crossbow shooting, as well as +1 point to the control attribute.

How do I choose my character’s provenance correctly?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - best character's builds

In order to choose the correct origin of the character, first you need to understand how the skills in the game work. To do this, read the relevant article on the site. In addition, you need to understand that the choice of background character directly depends on how you want to pass the game. Decide for yourself, what skills in long and close combat are best for you and will be the main and determine the origin of the character, based on this decision.

A mercenary will be a great choice if you want to shoot crossbows, rob villages and all that stuff. The Baron’s servant should be chosen if you prefer to play a warrior who will ride a horse and use wood weapons in battle: fighting, you will mostly sit on a horse, so this choice is quite interesting.

If you really want to try to win back a merchant, the variant of origin “City Merchants” will be a good choice. But, of course, no one prevents you from choosing something else that is more in line with your preferences and style of play.

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