At the start of the campaign mode in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord you need to create and customize your character. You can decide on the appearance of your character, his skills and even the history of his origin. Moving to new experience levels will allow you to develop and refine your skills.

Character creation
In Mount and Blade 2, you create your hero from scratch. A powerful editor allows you to change his appearance by choosing facial features, hair and beard. However, these choices are only superficial – to influence the gameplay you need to develop skills and abilities. You have to decide whether you want to improve the fighting skills of your character or to improve the abilities that will help him manage a group of soldiers. During the character creation process you will also choose the origin and family of your character, which will also affect his current skills.

Character progression
You can gain experience by killing opponents, winning battles or performing missions. As soon as you gain enough experience, the hero moves to the next level. Going to the next levels, the hero gets skill points that can be spent on the selected ability. This allows you, for example, to improve your weapon skills, even if you have previously invested more points in leadership abilities. Higher experience levels and the addition of additional skill points to attributes allow you to use better equipment.

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