We can already give you general tips that you can use later in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. This is a very modest guide and base that will be updated soon.

Siege mode
In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord the mechanics of the siege of the fortresses were recycled. Now we don’t just carry two stairs and a siege tower into battle, it’s a little different. The stairs are immediately built during the siege period and the rams are not only built for longer, they can also help to storm the castle/fortress itself. Siege towers take the longest time to build, but you can start a battle with a tower right from the castle walls, which reduces your storming losses. At the same time, the storming of your castle works in a similar way, so the enemy structures must be destroyed, preferably at the approaches to your territory.

A special place in the game takes diplomacy. In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord it promises to be more flexible and realistic than it was in the previous game. All NPCs are equipped with elaborate AI, which makes them more dangerous not only in combat, but also in communication. Now the enemy lords can lure your vassals to their side, and you need to be constantly ready that one of your subjects can betray you. You need to be in good relations with your allies, constantly helping and supporting them.

In the game there will be a full crafting, which allows you to create your own weapons and armor. Using the forge, you can create weapons by selecting additional settings and selecting the best settings for yourself. It is still unknown whether it will be possible to sell your work, but this option is not excluded.

Kids, my kids’ kids and my kids’ kids’ kids.
In Bannerlord, your main character can die, just like your partners and your serve. But for a player, it’s just beginning, if your character had a wife and kids. You can create an entire dynasty and rule for years. The player can interact with his children, making them their generals and raising them throughout their lives. This does not cancel the fact that your children can revolt against you and remove your character.

A businessman in the world of Calraydia.
Not only can you rob caravans and make enemies, but you can go another way. You are free to open businesses in cities and earn a lot of money in your pocket. In Warband was implemented this mechanics, but in Bannerlord, this system is a little bit transformed. You can rent land and houses and open your own shops there.

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