Denars make the world spin in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Selling prisoners may not be the most ethical thing, but in the world of Mount & Blade it’s the easiest way to make money.

How to catch and where to sell

You must first catch your enemies and imprison them, and only then sell them. It’s easy to do, fight your enemies. At the beginning of the game you will be tracking down groups of looters, robbers and bandits, who are trying to steal different things and hope that no one will catch them.

After you see them on the map, just enter the battle with them, and anyone who survives the battle can be captured. And to sell the prisoners, you have to go to a large settlement. Small camps won’t do, because they lack the infrastructure needed to support the exchange of people for dinars.

Villages where you can sell captured enemies are marked on the map as large castles. The best way to sell enemies is to find settlements that match your faction (culture). When you arrive at the castle, select “Go to the tavern area”, and there you will see the opportunity to sell your prisoners.

The sale of such people will give you a small amount of dinars. However, if you have taken a leader or a noble prisoner, do not rush to sell him, wait until the price rises for him, or use him for your own purposes. Also remember, you always have the opportunity to decide what to do with each prisoner: sell them all one time or one at a time.

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