Moving Out is very similar to Overcooked. Instead of trying to prepare as many dishes as possible in the time allocated, your goal is to move all the items in the house into the truck as soon as possible. To let you know how far you have gone, there is everything you need to know about how many levels are in the game.

As the story progresses, you’ll open up new levels after each one, adding new puzzle elements to the challenge. Even though you can see a lot of houses on the map, it’s hard to know exactly how many levels await you.

When you’re on the map, you’ll see how many gold medals you have and how many tasks you’ve completed in the top left-hand corner of the screen – 30 and 90 respectively.

This suggests that you have to complete 30 levels, but in fact there are more. In the post in the blog of PlayStation SMG Studio they told you how many levels exist before the release of the game. They said:

“We hope that hundreds of game levels will pay off, and everyone will enjoy the game. We have a free demo version to try a small sample of the 5 levels available in the game”.

Once you pass a level once, you can go back to it to complete tasks that will then open and then just try to beat your time. As you pass the history, you will open more than 50 levels.

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