Thanks to the trailers and episode descriptions, the Witcher fans know that Ciri will play a very important role in the upcoming Netflix screenings. The Redanian Intelligence portal told that a very important character related to the heroine will appear in the series.

Besides Cyril herself, “Witcher” will have a false Ciri in it. It will be played by Viola Prettejohn – her character’s name will be highlighted on Spotlight website.

Netflix's Witcher will have two Ciris

Fake Cyri appeared in the book “Hour of contempt” by Andrzej Sapkowski. This is an orphaned girl and a noble family, which the Emperor Nilfgarda Emgyr left at court. Eventually, the false Ciri became the wife of Emgyr and the ruler of Cintra.

The premiere of “The Witcher” will take place on December 20. A couple of weeks ago it became known that the series was extended for the second season.

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