More recently, many people thought that games were a waste of time. It was a great time to transmit on Saturday, when there was nothing else to do. Now it’s one of the new professions of the 21st century, which completely changes the idea of games.

Now you can earn good money and fame by playing video games on a professional level. You can even make a career in eSports and today we want to tell you how to become a eSportsman or get into eSports.

Currently, more than 40 universities around the world provide players with more than $7 million in scholarships. Thanks to this, Generation Z, roughly children born in 1995-2010, can storm the eSports league at a professional level with college training.

New professions in the 21st century. How to become an eSportsman or work in eSports in 2020

Most of the players who belong to this generation, already play multiplayer games, communicate and compete with other players from different countries. Young players and future eSportsers are also developing life-long skills that will pay dividends in the future, such as: strategic thinking, teamwork, time management and confidence building.

So, if you are a parent and your child plays a lot of games, do not get upset, try to calculate better how much value can be derived from it. Your attitude can really help your child become an eSportser. However, it is important to have some experience and perspective on the environment. This will be the main theme of this post.

How to get into eSports

Let’s get this straight first. As in other sports leagues, there are two types of careers in the career of eSports. The first is the cybersportsmen themselves, who play games in various arena tournaments, and the second is those who are part of the large infrastructure that supports and develops cybersports.

In addition to a professional cybersports career, there are other opportunities for cybersports careers, which may include the following positions:




Sales and Marketing Specialist


The owner of the organization

Social Media Manager

Corporate Events Manager




As you can see, there are many opportunities, but in this material, we would like to focus on the career of a professional eSportser, and tell you everything you need to be a better eSportser. Below we have tried to understand some of the strategies that can help a beginner eSportser. Below are some of the strategies that can help in eSports.

New professions in the 21st century. How to become an eSportsman or work in eSports in 2020

So, whether you are a young boyfriend or girlfriend or parent of a child interested in eSports, this article will help you move in the right direction. Read these tips to learn how to get into eSports.

Focus on one game.
You need to find out which types of games you like best, and choose the one you feel most confident in as a player. Some of the most popular game types are first-person shooters (FPS) such as Counter-Strike, real-time strategies (RTS) such as StarCraft, multiplayer online combat arenas (MOBA) such as DOTA, card games, and fighting games.

Select a game platform
After the player has chosen his game, it’s time to find the most suitable gaming platforms. It can be not only a PC, but also gaming platforms such as Xbox or Playstation.

In addition, the controller can replace the mouse and keyboard. So if you prefer platforms other than the PC, be prepared for the investment. However, even a PC may require a more powerful processor than you already have.

Learn popular techniques and tactics during training.
This can be achieved by watching video lessons or online broadcasts and learning from experienced players. Popular ways to do this from the start are and YouTube, where current players and opinion leaders can help you improve your skills and find other players interested in your game.

Connect with other players
Create your own network of friends who play the same game. This can be easily achieved through in-game chat rooms, specialized forums or social networks.

Practice a lot
Be prepared, because you will need hours of practice to achieve the desired level of qualification for a cybersports career. In addition, you need to practice with other players whose skill level is higher.

New professions in the 21st century. How to become an eSportsman or work in eSports in 2020

Visit Esports Summer Camp
This is truer for children and young people, but parents who want to interest their children in eSports can visit some eSports summer camps such as JKCP. These programs include the CyberSports Academy, which ages 10-13, and the CyberSports Camp, which ages 14-18.

During this two-week immersion program, your children will train with former professional players who have built their careers in the industry, improve their skills, determine their strengths in the game, learn how to enter a competitive game and much more.

Join the team

New professions in the 21st century. How to become an eSportsman or work in eSports in 2020

If you are planning to play a team game, it is important that you start playing the game with the group of players installed. You need to play regularly with the same players to get used to their style of play and to succeed in the group.

Join a league game
Game leagues such as the High School Esports League, KeSPA, ESL, ESEA and MLG allow the team to participate in seasonal competitions that lead to a championship tournament.

Participate in online tournaments
Winning an online tournament can lead to team recognition and sometimes to a cash prize.

Compete in LAN (Face-To-Face) tournaments.
Even if a player cannot participate in a tournament, he can attend as a spectator just to feel the atmosphere and understand what it takes to earn a career in eSports.

Increase your online presence
If you want to achieve your goal of becoming a professional gamer, you must start building your online reputation to start communicating with other players. You can do this by creating video lessons from your favorite games or writing relevant blog posts, or just stay active on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other social networks.

A career in eSports. What parents should know

If you are the parent of a promising eSportser, there are a couple of things you should know. If you are a young person or a teenager, you can probably get past this section.

Cybersports professionals should eat healthy food. Like any professional athlete, a cybersportsman must follow a healthy diet. Try to restrict your child from eating sweet and fatty foods. Esports implies a long stay in the same posture. Combined with unhealthy food, this can have a negative impact on your child’s health.

Cybersportsmen need movement. Engage in any active sport and encourage at least one hour outdoors. This will improve not only their health, but also their concentration in future competitions. Please look for information about possible injuries associated with the game and tell your child about them.

Good healthy sleap. Try to ensure that your child stays on schedule for at least eight hours when it comes to playing.

Future eSportsers need support – never question your child’s abilities. Try to support them on their journey to eSports, just like in any other sport, and give them the love that every child needs.

Cybersportsmen need communication – invest in play activities that your child can attend. It is important for any gamer to be part of a team or a wider community, so it would be a great opportunity to get out and socialize.

Speaking of networking, one available option is to attend a cyber sports training camp such as an NSG summer camp.

That’s all we have. I hope our little tips will help you become a cybersportsman or get into eSports.

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