New rumors about Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok

There is another rumor in the network about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed, which will be released in autumn 2020.

The source of this rumor is supposedly a developer from Ubisoft. He reports that the action Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok (according to rumors, this is how the new part will be called) will take place in the early 1000s, and one of the main themes of the game will be the conversion of the Norwegian population to Christianity.

  • The game takes place in the early 1000s;
  • The main character – the Danish Viking. This time you can only play for a man;
  • The game card will include Denmark, southern Sweden, and Norway, as well as partly Ireland and England;
  • The main political events are devoted to the Saxon kingdoms;
  • The developer claims that Ireland and Norway are his favorite regions, and quests will be very interesting. In one of them, the player will be looking for missing children who have fallen into a manhole. This task will be somehow related to Celtic folklore;
  • In another quest the hero will climb the mountain in Norway and see Odin;
  • One of the main writers of the game is Darby McDevitt, who wrote the story for Black Flag;
  • The game will feature many famous Viking personalities. One of them is the Supreme King of Ireland, Brian Boru. Although Boru has a grudge against the Scandinavians, he infiltrates the protagonist and even treats him like a father.

It’s worth noting that a couple of days ago, other information about Assassin’s Creed came up online: it said that the game would still have a gender selection.

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