New rumors of Mafia IV and the Mafia II remaster appeared

The user Reddit, hiding under the nickname TheTruthTeller1985, told that after failure with the new IP team Hangar 13 decided to return to the development of Mafia IV, taking advantage of their previous developments.

The new project will be launched in Las Vegas in the 1970s. It will continue the history of the previous part, but the protagonist will be a completely different person. In general, the plot will revolve around the Italian mafia and will get the atmosphere of classic films Scorsese.

The story of the game will cover almost 10 years, but the story will go only forward, that is, no flashbacks provided. The developers decided to get rid of the same type of missions from Mafia III, which they used only because of the deadlines then tightened. They also implement in the fourth part of the various mechanics, which they did not manage to complete earlier – it is about building their criminal empire. It will also be possible to acquire various buildings and turn them into a profitable business.

Mafia IV is created on a significantly improved graphics engine of the third part, which got rid of many pains and became more stable. It will be presented in 2020, and its release is scheduled for 2021. Most likely, it will be possible to play on the next generation consoles and PC.

Insider adds that before the announcement of the novelty the company is going to release a remaster Mafia II, which will be rebuilt on the new engine of the fourth part. Its release will be announced very soon.

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