As you probably already know, New World players, in addition to endless battles with monsters and other players, sooner or later will have to decide where to live on a hostile island. According to the developers’ assurances, the approach to choosing the house on Ethernum will play a significant role. If you are lucky enough to choose a quiet place with low taxes, it does not mean that it will stay that way forever. One day, the settlement may be taken over. Although it is impossible to take away the houses from the players themselves, the new owners of the settlement may impose exorbitant duties on the trade.

A new look at politics.
“The company [read the guild] takes control of the occupied territory, and it is the company that sets taxes on property, trade and processing. If you come to power of the company with not the purest intentions, you will immediately feel the rise in taxes. Depending on how big the profit from your case is, you will have to decide whether to move or topple the invaders. I can’t wait to see how things are going to unfold when the game gets big,” says Mike Willitt, head of the game-design team.

The primary goal of the developers was to move away from the pattern in the MMORPG. This concept refers to the initial predetermination of the way things are. For example, when players have no real influence on the political situation on the server or their ability to control the territory is severely limited. Therefore, in New World, at an early stage you will be allowed to join a company with a staff of up to 50 people and start a war for territorial control.

Buying a house

New World Household System Overview guide

At the heart of each area is a settlement – a real bulwark for enterprising players. Here you can take root in the hope that the defenders will be able to resist the attacks of those who want to take the city into their own hands. Before buying a house it is necessary to raise the level of their reputation within the selected area. To do this, you will need to perform daily tasks related to the killing of various creatures, factional orders and urban projects, as well as Kraft. Having reached the necessary value of reputation and level 20, the character will have access to a special skill that allows you to buy a house.

In total, players can have up to three houses at once, if the character meets all the requirements. Home plays an important role in your travels, because you can move into it at any time.

In addition to buying a house directly, players must also pay a weekly tax in favor of the company that owns the territory. Players are not evicted for non-payment of taxes, but access to functions such as fast moving home, beneficial effects of trophies, and decoration is suspended.

All homes in New World are different from each other. They can be different sizes, have all kinds of features and so on. The price also differs. For example, some houses have a view of the city center, while others have a balcony for additional decoration and a third porch. Some cities have a unique approach to the design of buildings, so that the houses will differ from one settlement to another.

Decorating our lair.

The game has hundreds of decorative items that you can decorate your home with. New World has everything you need, from tables and chairs to ornamental garden plants, so you will definitely be able to adjust the appearance of your den so that it reflects your preferences. Furniture and various decorative elements can be bought or produced on your own. You can also find particularly valuable trophies during your adventures, which are then placed in your home. It is impossible not to mention the pets who will wait faithfully after their wanderings.

“You go back home, hang the trophy on the wall or put it on the table and get additional reinforcement, + X% to the damage against the undead. And you’re like, “Cool, I just need a loot from the dead area,” explains Mike Willitt. “With more than one house, you can put one type of identical buf in each. Once you reach level 60, you can add up to three buffs in the same category.

The developers have paid a lot of attention to the system of trophies in the house, so that the cool trophy will be visible immediately and from a distance. “Oh, it feels like when you get into someone’s house just to see a rare trophy. That’s what we wanted to emphasize,” says Charles Bradbury, the art director. “The trophies also have their own levels, which grow as the game progresses. First, it’s something small on your wall, and then it’s a more extravagant, noticeable trophy. We wanted to make things look special so that they stand out in the house. We want the players to feel like they’re not standing still when they get those trophies.

Trophies are a very useful tool that will allow players to maximize their effectiveness in one way or another. In addition to damage bonuses, they can also provide other enhancements, including for craft. It should be noted that in each house can be placed only a certain number of such items, so the choice of buffs should be approached wisely.

Social bonuses

Houses of those players, whose reputation in the settlement is the highest and the scenery worthy of attention, will be exposed to the public. Thus, as you move around the city, you will see not just templates, but created by the players’ houses. The developers decided to keep the competitive spirit even in such element of the game as home ownership, so you will have access to the special interface, where you can see where you are among other settlers.

In general, the home ownership system is aimed at both single and social players, allowing you not only to get bonuses from special items, but also to brag about the beautiful interior, trophies and compete with other players in the ability to furnish their own home.

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