In this Nier Replicant walkthrough guide, you’ll learn if you should tell a man about his girlfriend when completing a side quest.

Nier Replicant side quests are not the most appealing aspect of the game. However, there are one or two that feature quality storytelling and provide players with a challenging choice of dialogue. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to tell you whether to tell a man about his girlfriend and what will come of it.

Before we go any deeper, however, it’s worth noting that this quest is available in the second half of the game, but only if you’ve completed the side quest “Letter to a Lover” during the first half.
Is it worth telling a man about his girlfriend in Nier Replicant
For some backstory, this choice applies to the Façade vendor for whom you make the delivery. After delivering the package to the Façade resident, you learn that his girlfriend may have turned into a Shadow. Thus, you will have a choice: you can tell the man what happened to his girlfriend, or you can let him live his life.

Should you tell a man about his girlfriend in Nier ReplicantNow for the answer. If you tell the man the truth, he will go to the outside world to hunt down Shadow and kill her. However, if you don’t tell him, he will continue to live happily with his family.
What are the consequences of the choice in Nier Replicant
Honestly, this choice has no real consequences. So don’t worry about it. The dialogue option is basically just a moral dilemma to ponder, and it adds a little more narrative appeal to the quest.

That’s all you need to know about whether or not to tell a man about his girlfriend in Nier Replicant.

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