Useful tips for newcomers to One Piece Pirate Warriors 4.

Vary your fighting skills
Each character can have four skills at once. You can combine different attacks by following the filling bar. Don’t concentrate all the time on the same thing. Switch your moves more often, it’s more interesting.

Typical transformations-transformations known as bursts depend on the type of each character. These types include power, speed, technique and so on. Power characters have increased their damage, their speed increases, and they use less endurance, technical characters have increased their effects, and sky characters can stay in the air during their bursts. Use them skillfully, don’t forget about this useful skill.

Every time you use combo, you dodge and fight, you waste stamina. It may take some time to recharge, too. Lack of stamina means you won’t be able to dodge or tie up cool air comboes together.

Levels and maps
Leveling as such is not in the game, and it is replaced by cards. There are two types of cards: character and general. All these cards have “nodes” with several levels that you can upgrade with coins and money.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 guide - useful tips

Keep an eye on important allies.
Some missions will fail completely if an important NPC is defeated. Make sure you are familiar with the conditions of the mission.

Perform mini-tasks
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 has side-quests on many levels of the main mode, giving you extra rewards. You can see them on the mini-mart as well as on the mission list.

S rank
S-ranges are achieved based on two factors: defeated enemies and time spent. To get S-rank, you must quickly defeat your enemies. Complete tasks as soon as possible.

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