Stellaris can damage your PC, especially if your jelly does not meet all the requirements of the game. In this Stellaris PC Optimization Guide we will tell you about some of the nuances you can do to make gameplay more enjoyable.

We will also look at some settings that will allow you to clearly dial 60 FPS.

Stellaris PC Optimization

It’s all in order. You need to disable the multisampling settings in the parameter menu. Set this value to 0 and you will get a significant performance boost.

The game has a console that you can use for different commands. Use the ~ “ button to call the console command. You can use the following commands:

help show the available commands and variables. Commands are accompanied by [] and variables are not.
info show debugging information
tweakergui draw.dust border.usemesh display a window with 2 check boxes. Turn off all dust by removing the check box draw.dust. After turning off the dust, you need to turn on the border.usemesh grid so that you can see the borders of the countries.
bloom on / off bloom
tweakergui draw.objects disables rendering of all 3D objects in star system mode, it can be useful in big battles if your computer can’t cope
Please note that you cannot use the console in Ironman or in multiplayer mode, so to use commands in these modes you need to open the console in the main menu and enter the commands there before starting the game.

Configure the script file instead of adding commands each time

You can turn off the Bloom and Drawing of all 3D objects to significantly increase the FPS in the game. If you need to run these commands every time you start the game, you can configure the script and run it.

Make a text file in the game installation directory. This will contain all the commands that you want. Name this file fix.txt.

Copy and paste the following into this file:

tweakergui draw.dust borders.usemesh

Save the file, and when you start the game all you have to do is type “run fix.txt” in the console.

Change the settings directly from Settings.txt

Finally, it can help to change the settings directly in the setting.txt file. It is in C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Paradox Interactive \ Stellaris in Windows. Open the file and set vsync to no and maxanisotropy to 0.

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