The horns are trumpeting, and the crows are gathering in packs. Take your sword, put on your armor, gather your faithful allies and set out to seek glory in the vast fields of Calradia.
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord release date is March 30, 2020 (early access). The developer is TaleWorlds Entertainment. Publisher – TaleWorlds Entertainment. The game runs on Engine Power engine. If you have technical problems with the game, the first thing to check your PC for compliance with system requirements.

If you have found a solution to a problem yourself, please help other users and write about your solution in comments.

Important: The path to the game should not contain special characters. All folder names must be in Latin alphabet.
This is a big enough topic. You can do many things to increase the FPS.

Install the latest video card driver

In the game settings, lower the graphics
This is the first thing to do. The simpler the graphics, the less load on the graphics card. The lower the resolution, the less load on the processor and graphics card. Shadow settings, smoothing, detail, drawing range and texture quality can have a big impact on the frame rate.

Use overclocking
Your computer components such as the processor and graphics card can be made to run a little faster by overclocking. You can also overclock the RAM, but in most cases this has little effect on performance. The result of overclocking your computer components is increased heat dissipation and therefore a shorter service life. This is why you should first take care of good cooling. As a rule, all modern motherboards have a specialized set of utilities from the manufacturer with which you can safely overclock the video card, processor or RAM. Most processors can safely overclock at 5-15% of the original frequency. The overclocking of integrated graphics in notebooks is generally inefficient due to the low performance of integrated graphics cards. More detailed information on this topic can be found on the Internet.

Optimize graphic settings
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord can be found in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience NVIDIA GeForce Experience / AMD Gaming Evolved / Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, special utilities with a variety of features that offer game optimization. Click here for more information.

Use software to clean your computer
On the Internet you can find various, both paid and free programs to clean your PC. Glary Utilities 5 is one of the best known.

Hard Disk Drive Cleaning and Defragmentation
Go to disk properties. Open the “Service” tab -> click “Optimize (or defragment)”. In the same place in the properties there is the cleaning and checking of the drive.

NVIDIA / AMD Control Panel
In the NVIDIA (or AMD) Control Panel, click the 3D Settings Management (NVIDIA) tab, or Games -> 3D Application Settings (AMD). Here you can set up global graphics processing settings as needed. Either under “Adjust image settings with preview” (for NVIDIA), then “Custom Settings -> Performance” by dragging the slider all the way to the left.

Remove redundant processes from auto-boot
Press the “Start” button (or the button on your keyboard with the Windows logo). Type msconfig into the search box and then press Enter. In the system configuration window that opens, select the “Autoload” tab (in Win 10, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and go to the same tab). All programs that are loaded at Windows startup are collected here. Disable everything you don’t need (disable only known programs, otherwise you may disrupt the computer startup). Reboot your computer. Temporary disconnect programs (browser, Skype, etc.). Run Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Optimize Windows
Turn off Aero effects in Windows, deactivate unused services, system sounds and more. Right-click on the USB drive as RAM and select “Properties”. Open the “Ready Boost” tab, check the “Use this device” checkbox.

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