Yesterday the sequel Overwatch was announced, but now it becomes more and more obvious that Blizzard is still preparing the second chapter (as it was recently in Fortnite), rather than a full-fledged sequel.
First of all, there is information in the network that the owners of the first part will be updated to Overwatch 2, but will not be able to run the story and cooperative tasks – for this purpose we have to buy a “sequel”.
This is more logical than what follows from the announcement during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon: then it was assumed that Blizzard will release the same multiplayer content for the first and second parts. As a result, it seems that everyone will have the same client.
During the Overwatch 2 panel on BlizzCon some more details about the game became known. For example, cooperative “Heroic tasks” with increased repeatability are reminiscent of raids in Destiny 2, where a group of players has to perform tasks and destroy opponents.
“Plot assignments”, judging by the known information, will resemble something like missions from the plot campaign Call of Duty – they put on the history, staging and all that stuff.
In contrast to the “Heroic tasks”, in the plot mode before the beginning of the mission to choose one of the few available heroes – to play for anyone, as in the “heroic”, you can not. Each operation has its own set of characters.

So far Blizzard can’t say when Overwatch 2 will be released – as if they don’t know. After BlizzCon the developers will go underground to work on the new game, but the first part will continue to receive updates.
However, for example, the spring event of “Archives” in 2020 will remain without a plot assignment. However, the studio does not report whether the new characters will be released before the sequel, which will be at least six new characters.
Overwatch 2 is for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. All unlocked content, including make-up, will go into the sequel.

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