Diablo 4 starts with five classes to choose from. So far, only three classes have been presented: Druid, Barbarian and Sorceress. But what archetypes may still appear? This is what we will discuss in this article.

The idea came from YouTube user Bluddshed, a famous figure in the Diablo community. He regularly creates content around the franchise world, develops guides and so on. The player also discussed in one of his videos why Paladin and Amazon will be a good choice for the remaining two Diablo 4 classes.

What does the fourth part of the class offer? When we are looking at it, we see the following:

A long-range charmer.
Close combat with physical damage (one-handed, two-handed weapon).
Hybrid close combat with staff.

What’s missing is this:

Physical damage in long-range combat.
Class with damage, holiness theme.
Fast DD.
A class with a shield and one-handed weapon.
A class with a pet.
Judging by the missing archetypes of Diablo 4, paladins will make sense. Blizzard can satisfy fans of two styles: fans of playing with a shield and sword, fans of the magic of light. Classically, the class wears a shield with a one-handed weapon, and also represents the “sanctity” in the game.

Bluddshed has also purchased an artbook, which was released during BlizzCon and found there visual signs of a paladin. The hypothesis with it still corresponds to the runes and runic words, which Blizzard will again introduce in Diablo 4. In the past, they were in harmony with these classes.

Crusader is also an interesting option because it already exists in Diablo 3. Maybe we’ll even get an improved version.

Paladin, Amazon or someone else? Presumed classes in Diablo 4

Can the fourth shield at the top left belong to the Paladin?

What are the arguments in favor of the Amazon? It’s hard to imagine Diablo 4 going into a release without a class that deals physical damage from a distance. Archer and Hunter really belong to the standard RPG program. For example, Diablo 1 had a hunter with a bow, Diablo 2 had an Amazon with bow and darts.

Paladin, Amazon or someone else? Presumed classes in Diablo 4

It is also possible to have an Amazon with a spear and sword. For example, she can throw a spear in a long-range battle, or attack in a nearby one. Thus, Blizzard would have combined Shields, Spears and long-range DPS in one class.

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