Party Animals best settings

Looking to host the ultimate Party Animals gathering? Well, look no further! In this article, we will discuss the best settings for an epic Party Animals experience. Whether you are playing with friends or hosting a tournament, these settings will ensure a memorable and fun-filled party!

Game Mode: Free-for-All

  • In Party Animals, Free-for-All is the most exciting game mode for large groups.
  • All players are pitted against each other in a chaotic battle royale-style competition.
  • The last player standing wins!

Time Limit: Unlimited

  • Avoid adding unnecessary pressure by setting an unlimited time limit.
  • This allows players to fully enjoy the gameplay without any rush or limitations.

Map Selection: Randomized

  • Selecting randomized maps keeps things fresh and unpredictable.The element of surprise adds excitement and challenges players to adapt quickly in different environments.

No Power-Ups Mode:


    \No Power-Ups mode disables all power-ups that can affect gameplay. This creates a level playing field where skill and strategy are key factors for victory.


\ h4>Rounds Per Game: Multiple\

\Total Station\

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