Passing the quest Memory of Eriana-3 in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, “Eriane’s Memory 3” is a new weekly assignment given by Eris Morne. It includes several relatively straightforward steps involved in finding certain items and destroying many enemies. If you have difficulty in doing so, read our manual. By the way, this quest is partly related to the mission to obtain an exotic machine gun Xenophagus.

How to get through the “Eriana III Memory” assignment

To start this quest, head to Eris Morne, who is in the Moon sanctuary. Once you’ve reached the right character, you’ll see an inscription indicating that you can take on a new assignment. You will receive some Powerful equipment (Level 1) for this task.

Take the treasure away from the moon scavengers

To perform this step, you need to search the Moon’s bowels and unlock the moon scavenger’s chest. Head into the underground moon zone through one of the many passageways located in the Jaws of Hell or the Archer’s Line. Then start looking for enemies called moon scavengers.

We were able to find these enemies at the Bone Circle location. Deal with a certain number of scavengers to create a special enemy with a yellow stripe of health. Kill him and then open the chest to find the letter.

How to collect Wei Ning’s letters

To complete this step, you will need to use a solar subclass. Once you’ve done this, start killing Warriors in various events (select the difficulty level “Hero” and above). From each killed opponent will fall one letter.

The fastest way to complete this task is in Nightmare Hunt. Run the activity at the required level of difficulty and start killing Warriors. It took us about 20-25 minutes to collect the right number of letters. After that, you will receive letters from Eriana-3.

Return the letters to Eris Morne.

Go back to the Sanctuary and use the portal you have created. Now go to the Persistent Abyss and go to Eris. Join her in dialogue and listen to her answers. Then give her the items you have collected. Next, simply take your reward from a nearby chest.

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