Grinding Gear Studio unexpectedly introduced a number of novelties, among which a direct continuation of the Path of Exile is definitely stand out.

As with Overwatch 2, the content of the first part will be moved to the sequel: players will be free to go through the original plot campaign and all the additions for it, but the endgame called “Atlas” will be common for both games.

Among the innovations of Path of Exile 2:

  • A new seven-act plot campaign, which will start twenty years after the final of the first part;
  • A “new generation” of gems;
  • 19 new Ascension classes;
  • a redesigned armor and weapon improvement system;
  • new character models and animation;
  • technical improvements;
  • Many other things.

All micro-payments made in the original Path of Exile, will go into the sequel.
Public testing of the continuation will not begin until the end of 2020. Despite this, the first part will still receive new extensions every quarter.

Speaking of extensions for Path of Exile: On December 13th Path of Exile:

Conquerors of the Atlas will be released, which will completely rework the endgame and, as the name implies, will begin to prepare for continuation.
Five new bosses, changes in world exploration and reworking of crossbow shooting mechanics are expected. More details can be found on the official website.

Meanwhile, not only Diablo IV, but also Diablo Immortal has a serious competitor – Grinding Gear presented a mobile version of Path of Exile. They promise not to pay for gameplay advantages and “full impressions” of the older version on the screen of the smartphone.
The studio independently develops the game. Even the approximate release date is not announced.

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