Here’s a story about one of the first and quite unusual puzzles you will encounter in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

You will find yourself in the Labyrinth literally in the prologue of the game. Once you get to the ruins, where there will be several locked doors, in one of the basements you will find a hole and colored stones located in the wall. There are a total of four different stones. You need to click on them in the correct order to unlock access to the secret room.

The clue to solving this puzzle is hidden in one of the first rooms, where you’ll encounter the first group of distorted mongrels. If this has already happened, go back and look at the walls. On one of them are four paintings, painted in different colors, hanging side by side. This is the solution to the puzzle.

Go back and click on the colored stones in the following order:


After that a secret room will open, in which the sword of Janriel will be located. You will even be able to talk to Siela about it.

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