Here’s how to solve another tricky puzzle you’ll encounter when trying to clear the Grey Garrison

Start storming the Grey Garrison on the “City on Fire” quest. Once you’re on the first floor, thoroughly examine each room. In one of the rooms you will find a demoness and traitor crusaders. Defeat all the enemies and then examine the six statues along the walls. There are three statues of men and three statues of angels. The statues can hold a staff, a hammer, only a sword or a shield with a sword.

Next examine the altar, on which lies a prayer book. This is the key to solving the puzzle. Read the prayer carefully to understand the sequence of interactions with the statues. There are both men and angels in the prayer. You also need to know who and what weapons were used.

If you put all the facts together, you get the following:

Statue of man with sword and shield
Statue of an angel with a shield and sword
Statue of an angel with a sword
Statue of an angel with a hammer
Statue of a man with a staff
Statue of a Man with a Sword
A secret room with weapon racks and one chest will open.

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