There’s something majestic about wolves and everyone here loves gaming, so it totally makes sense to combine the two. Whether you want to unleash your inner cunning, embrace your wild spirit, or just fancy toddling around as a video game wolf for a bit, these games have got you covered. There’s something for everyone. You could be tracking and hunting wolves, creating an environment for wolves to thrive, or actually becoming a wolf yourself. Everybody howl on the count of three, it’s time for the wolf game countdown.

Wolf Gold, For Quick Play Gamers

If you’ve only got a busy schedule but still want to play a video game then choosing to play slots online might be the most time-effective option. The slot game Wolf Gold can be played in as little as five minutes and is simple to pick up too. Wolf Gold invites you into the heart of a huge canyon, complete with stunning red stone sides and deep inky skies. Atmospheric music plays as the reels spin and the howls of wolves can be heard in the distance. As well as wolves, you’ll find bald eagles, fearsome bison, untameable mustangs and green-eyed mountain lions. This game embraces the wildness of the Wild West and has a soundtrack to match.

Red Dead Redemption II, For Stealthy Hunters

If you like your wolves ultra-realistic and on the other end of your gun sights, then Red Dead Redemption II by Rockstar Games might be your best fit on the list. There are plenty of opportunities for hunting wolves in this game, some of them that you might not even have wanted, so watch out! Even the bravest horses will bolt when faced with a pack of hungry wolves, so you’ll always need to keep one eye open for them. The most impressive wolf in the whole game needs to be found and hunted to complete the Naturalist quest, but you’ll want to have your wits about you. Even the normal wolves on this game can prove to be formidable foes, but this big guy is something else altogether. Wiley beyond your wildest dreams, he’s as clever as he is stealthy. If you can successfully stalk him then you can consider yourself one of the ultimate hunters in the game.

Planet Zoo, For Pup Enthusiasts

If the idea of hunting a wolf makes you reel then you might be better suited to something like Planet Zoo. This release has been around for two years now and offers you the chance to take the role of a zoo planner. You can set up your zoo to include habitats for a huge range of animals, but we’re really here for the wolves. You’ll find Timber Wolves and Arctic Wolves available to place in the game and if you treat yourself to the brand new North America pack then you can place Arctic Foxes too. You’ll need to become familiar with their likes and dislikes, as well as their biome requirements and if you get all of that right, you might be blessed with pups! This game is perfect for those who want to escape to a whole different world and learn about these incredible creatures at the same time.

The Wolf Simulator, For Wannabe Wolves

Finally, if admiring wolves, hunting wolves, or homing wolves isn’t enough for you, then there’s only one option left; to become a wolf. The Wolf Simulator is an online role-playing game, where you’ll take on the role of a wolf. You can play on Android, iOS, PC or Macintosh. Simply login, choose some basics for your wolf character and the rest is up to you. You can choose the traits that you want your wolf to have and follow the path that you set out for them. It’s the most endlessly customizable game on the list and the one that will get you the closest to what it feels like to be a wolf.

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