Photo mode in Journey to the Savage Planet, one of the most necessary features in the game, as the world of the game is incredible and you want to capture the different moments in the game.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide which tells you where to find and how to use the Photo Mode in Journey to the Savage Planet.

How to use the Photo Mode

Photo Mode has become a popular opportunity for developers to include in their games. This allows players to capture their favorite moments in the game and edit them with their own editing tools and sliders. And now we’ll show you how to use Photo Mode in Journey to the Savage Planet.

First of all, to use the photo mode, you need to open it first. Click Options on PS4 or click Menu button on Xbox One to open the pause menu.

From here select “Photo Mode” under “Options”.

You will now be visible in your face in a third person. By moving the left analog joystick, you can move the camera while the right analog joystick tilts it.

Holding the L1/LB, you can adjust the lens, and using the left and right sides on the d-pad, apply the Filter to you.

When you are happy with what the image looks like, just press Triangle / Y to hide the user interface, and then use the built-in PS4 or Xbox One screenshot function to take this shot.

When everything is ready and you want to return to the game, just press the Options / Menu button again.

Unfortunately, the photo mode in the game looks a little modest compared to many others which allow you to adjust contrast, saturation, grain, filters, skews and more.

That’s all you need to know about how to use the photo mode in Journey to the Savage Planet. Read our other guides on the game as well, for example Hyde about how to kill green cubes and get loot from them.

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