PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe fps fix

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe is an action-packed co-op multiplayer game developed by Q-Games. However, some players have reported experiencing low FPS (frames per second) issues while playing the game. This article will provide you with some troubleshooting steps to fix those FPS problems.

1. Update Graphics Drivers

The first step is to make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. Outdated drivers can often cause performance issues. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers available for your specific model.

2. Adjust In-Game Settings

Tweaking the in-game settings can significantly improve FPS performance in PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe:

  • Lower the resolution: Decreasing the resolution can take some load off your GPU, resulting in higher FPS.
  • Disable V-sync: Vertical synchronization aims to eliminate screen tearing but can sometimes lower performance; try disabling it if you’re experiencing low FPS.
  • Turn off anti-aliasing: Disabling this setting removes graphical smoothing effects, potentially boosting performance.


Fiddling with these settings might affect visual quality, so find a balance between frame rate and visuals that suits you best.

3. Close Background Applications

Having multiple applications running simultaneously consumes system resources and may cause performance bottlenecks for PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe. Close unnecessary programs and processes running in the background before launching the game to ensure optimal performance.


If possible, disable resource-intensive applications like video editors or file-sharing programs during gameplay.

4. Enable High Performance Power Plan

Some systems may have power-saving modes enabled by default, which can limit performance. Switch to a high-performance power plan to ensure that your hardware operates at its maximum potential during gameplay.

5. Update the Game

Check for any available updates for PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe. Developers frequently release game patches and updates that address performance issues and bugs.


If the problem persists even after trying all the mentioned steps, it’s recommended to reach out to PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe’s official support channels for further assistance. They might be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or identify any known issues related to FPS performance.

By following these suggestions, you should be able to fix the FPS problems in PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

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