Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield – How to name Pokemon

In this guide, you will learn how to rename Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Name Pokemon as soon as he is caught

The first way to rename a Pokémon is to give it a name after it’s been caught. This happens every time you catch a Pokémon. You will be asked if you want to give your Pokémon a nickname. Choose “Yes” and enter any name you like.

Rename Pokémon in PokéCentres

You can also change the name of your Pokémon by visiting the dark NPC in Poké-Centers (left). Go to the NPC and talk to it. Ask them to rate the name, then select the Pokémon you want to rename. NPC will want to discuss the nickname for your Pokémon, and then suggest that you give it a better name. Select “Yes” to access the name screen.

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