Pokemon Sword and Shield – answers in the Ballonlea Hall

The fifth gym at Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield can be found in the small town of Ballonlea. As in other competitions, you will first need to complete a mission in the hall and then go to battle with its leader. You’ll be asked a variety of questions during your quest: the right answer to the question increases the performance of your Pokémon and the wrong answer lowers them.

Answers to questions

The format of this mission is quite simple. You will enter the room and fight with different coaches in the arena. During the battle with the coaches, you will be asked questions. Go through all three battles to get to the Gym Leader. The answers for each interaction are listed below in the chronological order of questions.

Question: Do you know about the weaknesses of the Magic Pokémon?

Answer: Poisonous type

Q: What was the name of the previous coach?

A: Annette. Spelling is important!

Q: What do I eat for breakfast every morning?

A: Trick question. Both answers lead to a decrease in performance.

Once you have answered the questions above and completed the battles, you will move on to the battle with the leader.

Answers to the leader’s questions

Q: Do you know my nickname?

A: The Wizard

Q: What is my favorite color?

A: Purple

Q: How old am I?

A: 16 years old

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