Money at Pokemon Sword & Shield is an important resource. After all, many of the recovery items you’ll need on your journey aren’t cheap! And in this guide, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you make and get a lot of money quickly.

You can make money in many ways, even if the game starts with a pretty significant amount to make it easier for you. It won’t last forever, especially if you have a taste for the best things in-game.

How to make money at Pokemon Sword & Shield quickly

The easiest option is to get the money after winning the coach in battle. This is a proven and correct method, which you will do throughout the game.

A lot of expensive customization options are available in boutiques throughout the game, and in order to raise that kind of money, you need to be a little more creative. We have two methods below that have helped us well.

Wild Area Method
For this method, you just need to go far enough into the game to reach the Wild Area, which you get to very early.

There are plenty of coaches for the battle, and one of them, in particular, uses all three starting Pokémon. After the victory over it it will move to a new area, and you will be able to fight with it again for extra prize money for an indefinite period of time.

Although this is not the fastest way to become a millionaire, it will bring you a lot of changes. As you wander around the area, you can also collect Treasures that you can find by exploring the sparkling objects on the ground, and then sell them to the sellers.

The combination of these two activities will help you at the beginning of the game, not to mention giving you valuable experience to strengthen your Pokémon.

Meowt’s method
Although Meowt’s method is somewhat more complicated, it is a very reliable way to make a lot of money throughout the game. As you can imagine, you will need to get yourself a Meowth, and at least be at the grass gym in the main history.

Start by grabbing Galarian Meow. If you already have one, fine, if not, you can find them on route 4 in the high grass.

Take your new buddy to the Grasse Gym and inside you will find a useful guy who will trade you a regular Meow for your Galarian option. Make a deal.

This Meowth has the technique of Pay Day, which in itself is a way to earn extra money in battle. But this change of chump, we want to do things on a larger scale.

When you use a gym leader or a strong coach in battle, use Dynamax on Meowth. Now they can use the Golden Fever ability, and you’ll want to use each move to get your opponent to drop a lot of money on the ground.

This usually brings you four times what you would have earned in the first place, and gyms leaders tend to pay quite large sums. Starting from the first gym, you have to earn about 12 thousand.

This can be further enhanced by equipping Meowth with an Amulet Coin item, which can be found at the cave entrance on the outskirts of Motostoke, or by buying and using Lucky Incense consumables from the Hulbury market.

So win the first few gyms leaders and you’ll have more money than you know what to do. Maybe spend a little on your Meow, they still earned!

That’s all you need to know to get your money in Pokemon Sword and Shield quickly.

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