BlizzCon 2019 began with the apology of President Alain Brack for the company’s actions.

Brack obviously implied a scandal with the disqualification of a player in Hearthstone Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai, who at the tournament match shouted a slogan in support of the protests in Hong Kong. However, Brack did not mention Hearthstone directly and did not mention the player’s name.

“We made our decision too quickly, and then, worse still, we didn’t discuss it with you for too long. Two things upset me the most: first, we didn’t meet our own standards, and second, we failed in our mission. I apologize for that and accept responsibility.

So what is our mission? We want to unite the world with our entertainment. I really believe in the positive power of video games. When we do everything right, we create a platform where the whole community comes to compete, unite and play. No matter what separates us.

Today, there are people from 59 countries around the world on the BlizzCon. This is the positive power of video games. In the future, we will use it better. But our actions mean a lot more than these events. We hope you will find that by bypassing the exhibition here you will see our commitment to giving everyone the right to express themselves,” concluded Brack.

Neither Brack nor any of the other company representatives talked about lifting Blitzchung’s disqualification.

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