Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – Cheats and Codes

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a popular action-adventure game that was released in 2010. For those looking to spice up their gameplay experience, cheats and codes are available to help you advance through the game with ease. But before we begin, please note that cheating diminishes the real gaming experience.

To use cheat codes, you need to open the console command by pressing the tilde (~) key on your keyboard and typing in the code commands provided below.

1. God Mode: This cheat makes you invulnerable to any form of damage from enemies or traps.

Code: god

2. Infinite Life: This cheat gives you infinite health, making it impossible for enemies or traps to kill you.

Code: fullhealth

3. Unlimited Sand Credits: Sand Credits is an important resource in Prince of Persia that can be used for special abilities such as rewinding time or slowing down enemies.

Code: unlimitedsands

4. Unlock all skills and upgrades – This cheat will unlock all abilities and upgrades instantly so players can enjoy them without having to grind for them first.

Code : allskills

5. Change Time Of Day – With this code, you can change day/night cycles or even set it permanently at either day/night-time (Useful when playing long sessions).

Codes : daytime OR nighttime OR stopcycle

6. Kill Enemies Instantly – Want a quick exit out of fights? Use this command and take them out instantly!

Code : killenemies

7.Disable AI – Want things even simpler? Disable artificial intelligence altogether with no one standing against your playing!

Code : disableAI

Keep in mind; most cheats may affect achievements earned by completing missions legitimately; it’s better not to cross your limits!

With these cheats, some gamers might discover have an advantage over others who choose not to use them because they’ve spent more time developing their gaming skillsets in-game. Cheating might diminish the accomplishment one could get by completing the game with their gaming ability on their own.

Remember, using cheats can affect the essence of gaming, and it’s better to use them only when frustrated or when all efforts with standard gameplay have failed in completing difficult levels, although these cheats will undoubtedly allow anyone to fully immerse themselves in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown!

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  1. I have played Prince of Persia in the past and I must say that the cheat codes mentioned in this article are very useful. The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow. I also appreciate the warning about cheating and how it can affect the enjoyment of the game. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Great article! As a fan of Prince of Persia, I found the cheat codes very helpful. However, I appreciate the reminder that cheating takes away from the true gaming experience. Overall, a well-written and informative piece.

  3. I stumbled upon this article while looking for ways to enhance my Prince of Persia gameplay. The cheat codes provided were exactly what I was looking for. The article was well-written and informative, with clear instructions on how to use the cheat codes. I highly recommend this article to any Prince of Persia fans looking to take their game to the next level.

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