The general facts:
The game was first presented at G-star 2011 and has been under development since 2008.
The game will be released on PC, but it is possible to see it on mobile platforms.
There will be no simultaneous international launch of Lineage Eternal.
Lineage Eternal is positioned as a global project and will be released outside Korea.
The first ZBT was held on 30.11.2016 and took place within five days.
The first 13 heroes (eternal) were presented at the ZBT.
The combat system is based on non-target, using the patented Drag and Hold system of individual heroes (activation of skills by mouse gestures).
The events of the game unfold 200 years after the events of the first part of Lineage (the throne of the kingdom of Aden is captured by the usurper, Crown Prince Albert is in exile).
The game has a mass of destructible and interactive objects (grass is on fire, objects can be moved, it is possible to hook on objects, etc.).
The game engine supports up to 500 players in one zone, the recommended system for the game will be a bunch of Core i5 and above + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti and above.
The game does not allow free switching between mirrors. All players are on the same server, which itself determines which channel you should be on (when you take a flock from a friend, you will appear next to him if he can’t see you).

Game characters in the story have a common name – Eternal. Each of them has a unique look and set of skills. Before the appearance of the Eternal in the game expected a classic class system (Knight – Knight, Spirit Archer – Archer, Elementalist – Mage, Assassin – Killer).
The first 13 heroes (the Eternal ones) were presented at ZBT. It was also possible to see silhouettes of 7 more, but it was impossible to play for them. Thus, it is to be expected that on the next tests we will have a system of 20 Eternal.
Each player can make up his own set (setup) of the Eternal. At the initial stage, the player has two cells in the setup and has a choice of four Foreverlives. As the storyline progresses, the number of cells in the setup increases to four. In the same way, by fulfilling certain game requirements, access to new Eternal cells becomes available.
You can change from one Eternal to another at any time (except when the character is imposed on the control effect). There is a restriction on changing the previously used Eternal (Call Gauldown 30 seconds).
The game provides the ability to change the appearance of the Eternal. For some, you have to fulfill certain requirements (for example, kill 1000 monsters).
You have to play for 4 Eternal, but control only one of them at a time (you can switch by pressing F1-F4).
Rollback after switching from one hero to the second will be 30 seconds. (for each individual Eternal).
In the Tower of Daring, you will have all 4 Eternal ones at once, but you will also have only one control. The rest will be controlled by the AI.
The maximum level of the Eternal is 50. Each Eternal has its own level. The Eternal ones that are in a setup are swinging simultaneously. On level 50, the player will receive Hero status and the opportunity to learn Heroic skills (further expansion of the skill tree).
As the player swings, he will be able to choose how each skill develops (the tree consists of 2-3 branches). Heroic skills have no level limit (not tied to lvl-cap).
Apart from the personal skills of heroes (Eternal) there are common to the setup of Eternal talents, both passive and active.
In general, a very interesting innovation from the developers, which does not spoil the game, and gives players new gaming experience.

Project TL - all information about the game for beginners

The game will have a clan system (Blood Pledge). In the next stage of the test, the developers promised to show it clearly.
It is possible to arrange a clan cooking in the open world. Application for a clan of brew hangs 7 days. The war itself lasts 24 hours.
In Lineage Eternal will be siege locks.
Clan PvP (GvG) varies from 40 vs 40 to 100 vs 100, and will use some kind of match-making system based on the strength of clans and the number of membranes (to solve the problem of domination of high-level clans).
The siege will have more participants than a PvP clan and will depend on the number of clans on the map.
Lineage Eternal has a Field Of Honor arena 4 vs 4.
Clan can create any character of level 10, you will need 10k adena. You can also take a clan from level 10.
PvP on 40+ happens as we used to, quite quickly (depending on the hero). As practice shows, the transience of fights reduces the possibility of the Swap Eternal to a minimum.
There is PK, the flag system. NPC can also be killed.
In the game PK mode can be quickly activated by pressing the combination of Ctrl+P. In 4 seconds PK mode will be turned on, and the game will give you another 30 seconds for which you need to kill the player (otherwise the mode will be automatically turned off).
For the first PK you will be charged 10k karma, for the next karma you will not be charged.
10k karma will be washed in the quest for laundering in about half an hour.
If you are flagged, attack a player and he is without a flag, you become a PK anyway.
If you are flagged, you attack the player and he has a flag, then you will not become a PK.
PK can be attacked by non-flags.
A piece of equipment or a relic may fall from a PK status player.
In Free For All, Screaming Career, karma per PK is reduced.

Project TL - all information about the game for beginners

The size of the group at the moment is 4 people, in the future it will be increased to 20 or even more.
The game has two types of dungeons: for single (public) and joint passage.
In public dungeons you can pump a lot of experience, and in group dungeons – get a chance to get great equipment.
In some dungeons solos you can get relics (special items in the third slot in the inventory).
Group dungeons have difficulty levels.
There is a special dungeon – Tower of impertinence. It is an instance for one player (20-50 BGN), consisting of 20 floors at three difficulty levels. Each time you enter the Tower, the architecture of the floors and the mobiles that inhabit them change. At present, this is the only place where the entire set of Survivors (4 heroes) is fighting simultaneously (one character is under the control of the player, the other three are controlled by the AI).
The Tower of Impudence takes 14 minutes to pass. In this case, your progress is memorable.
In Lineage Eternal is already implemented 80 bosses. There are bosses both in the open world (designed for a large number of players) and in dungeons.
It’s almost impossible to kill world bosses of your level yourself, so look for a match. From them falls very good equipment to your level and a lot of experience.
The game will have dynamic public quests (elite, world bosses, rifts). Players who are nearby, will be able to perform this quest together).
Sometimes the world may open a portal (possible reward – adena or different potions, will be drawn at the entrance).

The game will have a mercenary system (possibly replaced by a pet system).
Kraft is relatively simple, you will only need to get (find, buy) the right resources. The necessary resources can be obtained by collecting and mining in the world, by re-crafting, by disassembling old weapons, armor, purchase at auction.
Types of resources: herbs, minerals, dust, runes, seal of honor.
When creating equipment always use dust, runes and random resources. The higher the grade of equipment, the more random resources you need.
In Craft each equipment has a range of stats (for example, attacks on weapons and protection of the armor), in which it can get.
There are four Kraftmasters with insignia in the cities. They are a jeweler, a tailor, a blacksmith and an alchemist.
The level of the location affects the choice of Kraft – the higher the location, the higher the level of things that can be created at Kraftmasters.
The game has a special NPC for sharpening weapons.
The thing may not be sharpened and broken, but the broken thing can be redeemed and continue sharpening.
There are three types of armour in the game: heavy, medium and light. Eternal armor is equipped with the appropriate type of armor depending on the class and can be transferred from one eternal to another. For example, Aidan, a Penniman, dresses in heavy armor, which can also wear Hector, the defender. Weapons for each of the Eternal are unique.

The engine, the camera and the size of the world:
The game uses the engine Guild Wars 2, with certain modifications.
The game uses a fixed isometric camera (2.5D quarter view), some scenes will use zoom, but the camera can not be zoomed in and out of the world. On some special bosses (the Hippopotamus), the camera is moved away to increase your view.
Heroes can be viewed closer in their Eternal interface (key T).
The world of Lineage Eternal is already larger than Lineage I and will soon catch up with Lineage II in terms of size.
At the death of the character and some mobiles interestingly animated flight of the soul to heaven.

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