We can say that Project TL is the most expected Korean MMORPG, but despite this, the developers from NCSoft are not in a hurry to share the details of the work done (if there is any). In addition, we learned about the possible first closed beta test from the financial report to investors, agree that this is a very unusual way to share at least some new information.

Despite this, the year 2020 has just begun, and according to plans CBT should begin in the first half, which creates a kind of airbag in case of “Something went wrong and we have to move to the second half. It is for this reason that we will once again explore the various possible features of the game in this article.
When compiling the text below, I mainly relied on a single teaser trailer, as well as some announced Lineage Eternal mechanics, which are likely to be used in TL (I’m about 80% sure of that).

Graphic component – as we already know, the game is built on the modern and now popular engine Unreal Engine 4, but since the presentation of the trailer in 2017, technologies such as RTX (imitation of sunlight) and DLSS (more advanced antialiasing system) have appeared.
Initially, Nvidia said that they will be mostly used only from \ single-player projects, but the major Chinese company NetEase decided to fix this defect.

At last year’s annual CES conference, they showed how RTX and DLSS work in the now popular Chinese AAA MMORPG Justice Online, as well as gave performance examples (of course, on the 2080Ti card and the i9-9900k top processor). Taking into account that NCSoft is not a small company, they may well screw these technologies in Project TL, perhaps it will be easier for them to implement due to isometric location of the camera.

Fractions and prologue – around the very end of Project TL we are shown a large-scale battle for a castle, in 2017 I didn’t give much importance to this scene and just now I had an unusual thought. What if it’s a kind of introductory prologue, where the user will defend \ attack the castle, depending on what faction he chooses when creating a character. Thus, regardless of race and class, initially, all will take part in a major battle, and then begin to pass the initial noob location.

In addition, the battle itself in something similar to a certain plot mission Lost Ark, where players need to repel the castle people, pre-drive a siege car, running through the walls and cut out a couple of dozen opponents. That is, to implement such 2020 on a modern engine Unreal Engine 4 is quite possible.
In what I saw only confused by the same models of characters, if you look closely, almost all opponents differ only in color (defenders in red and white, and attackers in dark blue).

Factions are probably the easiest way to get PvP users interested without driving them into arenas, GvG and duels with each other. And for developers it’s also a huge potential in terms of content, ranging from adjacent areas with a permanent mode of RvR (can be combined with PK), rating of the best players of the factions (general and by classes) with the appropriate award and, optionally, large-scale siege of castles in disputed areas (a kind of RvR-siege with channels to accommodate all comers).

Interaction with the world is a rather difficult feature to implement. It should be noted that such a feature is already common in various MMORPGs, but usually little attention is paid to it, which entails implementation at a basic level or scripts for certain activities. For example, in the open-world character can destroy different vegetation, and in certain missions – to break the game environment (tables, carts, logs, benches, etc.).

If you look at old videos Lineage Eternal and the only Project TL, you will notice that this aspect of NCSoft decided to give special meaning, for some reason they added a scene where the elf freezes the water (although it may have been done for beauty or it is a story mission \ dungeon).
This time, the Koreans can take interaction to a new level by adding more elements to all aspects of the game, for example, allowing the use of certain abilities to get to hidden parts of the world or activating additional content, say, destroying a seemingly ordinary heap.

If the developers go even further, we’ll see the interaction of \ elements with each other, the mechanics long used in \ single (the most suitable example is Divinity: Original Sin series, and from the new one – MMOSKA Genshin Impact). If you consider MMORPG something like this often exists as a +- to the damage you get.
I’m talking about logical additional effects, such as freezing of water opponents, 100% chance to hang a shock effect if the opponent is in the water \ wet, the ability to blow up a combustible mixture and other possible developments.

Drag & Hold” system is one of the key chips in Lineage Eternal, it seemed interesting and unusual to many people. At the moment, in most MMORPG AOE skis are used around the character, the opponent, in a certain area specified by the player. In the latter case, the area of the application looks like a circle, a line or any other figure, so that the user understands the radius of the skeleton.

Based on the general concept, Drag & Hold allows you to draw it yourself instead of choosing a certain area. In the prophets this system was demonstrated by the example of a fiery \ ice wall, to apply the ability to draw a line with the mouse anywhere on the map.
To me, such an unusual approach brings an unusual gaming experience, but on the other hand, there are some controversial points.

First of all, it’s obvious that it needs to be reworked if you take into account the variations…

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