On this PlayStation 5 manual page you will find the answer to the question – does the new Sony VR console support? Can previous VR devices be connected to PS5 consoles?

Unofficially, there are rumors that PS5 will receive an improved version of PlayStation. VR in the future. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering that PS VR was a great success with the previous generation.

The new version of the VR should have a built-in camera and headphones and work with special gloves. In addition, it is expected that PlayStation Move will also come back in a newer version.

The PlayStation VR is expected to be wireless and virtually eliminate discomfort when using the VR device.

It is expected to be the final version of the hardware, which will also attract the attention of gamers with much more VR games.

The PS5 is much more powerful than the PS4, which will definitely lead to more impressive and challenging games that you can play.

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