The statue puzzle in Resident Evil Village is one of the many that can become an obstacle on your way to the game’s ending. In this guide, you will learn how to solve the statue puzzle in Resident Evil 8.

When you pass Resident Evil Village, you enter a room called Ablution Room with a pool of wine or blood and 4 statues (Horse, Woman, Lady, Three Beggars). These are four figures made of stone and you can rotate them to look in a certain direction.

How to solve the statue puzzle
To solve the puzzle, you have to rotate the statues in the right direction. You can get the key by reading the golden placard at the end of the room, which reads, “Women are blind to men’s achievements, but poor men will take their chance to give their lord the bounty he sowed, so that the wine will soon flow.

How to solve the statue puzzle
So, what does it take to solve this puzzle:

Turn the horse facing right toward the woman. The woman faces upward toward the lady. The lady faces down toward the woman. And the three men face the horse.

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