In the vast and infinite world of internet games, searching for a game of your choice is as plain sailing as pressing a few buttons. But in a world where one is more often than not spoilt for choice, Quick Checkers makes the choice for you.

An internet checkers game that is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, Quick Checkers is a contemporary form of this beloved ancient pastime that till date remains one of the most preferred board games on the planet.

So what makes it the must-see checkers game of the year?

Play against random players

Through Quick Checkers, users are able to test their skills by competing against random talented players from all over the globe.

Are you the unrivalled checkers master? Then prove your ability by playing Quick Checkers today. Even better is that you’ll boost your concentration skills and enhance your memory recall while at it.

Supports multiple variations

Whereas the earliest form of this beloved game was played thousands of years ago in the ancient city of Ur, checkers spread overtime to various parts of the globe.

As such, a number of variations of the game exist in various parts of the world such as the U.S, Spain, Brazil, Russian, et cetera.

Quick Checkers supports several variations of the game in order to accommodate a diverse array of players.

The variations supported in the game include: American Checkers/English Draughts, International Checkers, Spanish Draughts, Brazilian Checkers, Russian Checkers, Turkish Dama, Thai Draughts, Czech Dáma and Italian Dama.

Play in exotic locations

Through Quick Checkers, players are also able to compete in some of the most popular real-world locations such as New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro. However, they need to earn experience and level up in order to gain access.

Competitive ranking system

Quick Checkers is equipped with a Daily League where users get to challenge themselves daily against other random players from within their skill level, as well as a National ranking system and Global ranking system—where players can keep tabs on how well they rank vis-à-vis other players on both a National and Global front respectively.

Great graphics and convenient in-chat system

Other than having amazing graphics and a simple user-friendly interface, Quick Checkers likewise comes with an in-game chat system that enables you to regularly communicate with your friends and other players.

Some of the recommended tips and winning strategies on Quick Checkers include:

  • Control the center.
  • Advance en masse/ in groups.
  • Be the first to get to the king row.
  • Keep your king row intact for as long as you can. It will limit your opponent’s strength.
  • Relying on defensive strategies alone will not win you the game.
  • Be open to sacrificing a checkers piece if it will work to your advantage.
  • Use forced moves to your advantage.
  • Be willing to trade pieces when you are leading.
  • Be wary of Kings in the endgame.

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