With a new console generation, it makes sense that gamers are excited over what titles are going to be released. Every year there’s a new Call of Duty, FIFA and Forza game, but there are certain genres that don’t have as much of a steady release schedule, especially on console. One such example is real-time strategy games which never usually appear on the latest hardware unless it’s a PC.

The spirit of real-time strategy games lives on in the modern age and there are still plenty of games out there where the settings of history and mythology have been important. It has arguably been the rise of other forms of entertainment outside of the traditional gaming sphere that has driven this trend, as exemplified by the likes of the God of Storms slot that forms a key part of the Age of Gods series. Age of Gods signaled a return to form of the Greek mythological genre that has since remained largely uncovered and is not necessarily the first topic that would come to mind of any specific game developers, but maybe its successes here could signal the move into mythology for next-gen developers.

Real-Time Strategy Has Proven Popular in iGaming - Could the New Generation of Consoles Latch onto Its Popularity?

As with the likes of the Age of Storms slot, history has been vital to the successes of real-time strategy games for the best part of two and a half decades. Both the Blue Byte-developed Settlers series and the ever-popular Age of Empires have been built upon different ages of history and the idea of building a functioning community using the limited resources available to the player at that specific time. There is, in 2021, a market for such items, as demonstrated by the fact that the fourth Age of Empires game remains under development in conjunction with the fact that the Settlers back catalog and Age of Empires are being remastered and rereleased under the stewardship of developers.

The release of a new Age of Empires in late 2021 does signal the undoubted return of real-time strategy games – it has been a good while since there was a console-exclusive game within the genre. There’s arguably no finer time for this to occur than while the new crop of consoles from Sony and Microsoft are still within their relative infancy. Leading on a tad further, it could make more sense to release a real-time strategy exclusively for the Xbox Series X and Series S, given that plenty of fans have complained to Microsoft regarding the lack of Xbox exclusives by comparison to what Sony have mustered up.

Doing so would not only appease those fans but also could draw certain players away from their hallowed PCs and onto consoles for the first time in years. It could be the case that those players buy an Xbox or PlayStation only to play that specific game – it’s happened many times in the past, after all.

There is a distinct possibility that real-time strategy games could make a return to consoles, certainly if the fourth Age of Empires can act as a catalyst for further development. It’s a genre that has long been part of the gaming fold and therefore makes sense that it needs more coverage in modern spaces.

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