Red Dead Redemption 2 – Beginner’s tips and tricks

Red Dead Redemption 2 game is a large scale game in which you can leave a big number of hours of your life.
You can play poker with bandits, complete contracts to find criminals, rob people and hunt animals and of course do so much fun within the game.

That’s why here’s a game tip that will help you to enjoy the first hours of the game.

Don’t go through the main story of the game quickly, take an interest in other aspects of the game! Take your time!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a game in which only the storyline is important. Here the way to each task is followed by a lot of unpredictable events. For example, we went to perform a task from Dutch, but you were attacked by a bear. Come to kill him, but met a gang of scumbags who attacked a helpless girl.

The bandits were murdered, but you were spotted by the lawyers and awarded for your head. Lots of variations of what can happen. Just know that for the maximum pleasure of the game you should not run in a rush on the storyline. Live the life of the protagonist from beginning to end, just walking on the open world and bumping into various activities.

How quickly can I make money?

Money in RDR 2 is not only needed to buy new horses, clothes and weapons, but also to support your gang. In addition, you will often have to pay fines to avoid being chased by law officers. The fastest way to get rich is to find your treasure. For example, from the very start you can find one guy who will give you a map. Following the instructions in our guide, you will get two bars of gold. A stolen gold dealer will give you $1,000 to support your gang and close all your debts.

Remember, a horse is your friend, not a slave.

Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the main type of transport. You can either buy horses or tame the ones you find in the open world. To save the found horse, go to the stables, where you can give it a name and customize its appearance. In the game, there are several types of horses, each of them has its pros and cons. For example, one will be very fast, but will not be able to run long distances, while the other will be suitable for this purpose.

So it’ s better to have a few horses on your list. Remember that the better you treat your tailed friend, the more he starts to trust you. Therefore, the horse can be leveled, increasing its characteristics and teaching new tricks. At high levels, the horse will be able to get up on the rack, instantly brake and even drift. To do this, feed her a good meal, clean the fur, buy quality accessories and let her rest after a long ride.

Hunt animals
Huge value in the game is given to hunting animals. There are a lot of animals. Here you can find small rodents and dangerous predators like puma or bear. The more dangerous an animal is, the more valuable its skin is. The more often you hunt, the faster you’ll level up the skill that will help you get good quality fur. You can buy all sorts of improvements for them in the camp, from changing the type of travel bag to various tent supplements.

While hunting, try to move around quietly and use the bow. Shoot better at vulnerable points such as the head or heart. After killing the beast, take his skin, put it on a horse and go to the camp. There you can either hand over all the butcher or leave valuables in storage in any place you like. Later on, you can earn a lot of money on animal bodies.

Change the view of your camera

Changing the camera in RDR 2 is important. You can choose between a third-person mode and a camera view from the eyes of the main character.

The second is better to use when tracking targets, when you need to look at the small details on the ground. It is more convenient to use a third-person camera when riding a horse, especially in shootings with opponents.

Smoking can save your life
Smoking is known to be unhealthy, but in RDR 2 it can really save your life. The game has a mechanic (precision shooter), which on activation allows you to instantly select the target, after which the hero automatically shoots enemies in slow motion.

This mechanic has a scale that can run out. To refill it, smoke expensive cigarettes and drink coffee. In addition, sometimes in expensive cigarettes you can find special cards, collecting a set of which you can get a lot of money from collectors.

Dress up for the weather
The climate in Red Dead Redemption 2 affects not only the background, but also the gameplay. For example, if you go high to the mountains, where the frost rages, the character will die of overcooling. If he runs in a fur coat in the hot sun, then his health is also in danger.

It’s better to have two sets of clothes The first one on your character and the second one on your horse. To do this, enter your tent in the camp, choose a wardrobe and choose clothes for different weather conditions. Clothes can be changed at any time in the camp. After buying new clothes they will be automatically added to your wardrobe.

Be sure to carry your medicine and supplies
Very often in the game the main character and his horse will take damage. After all, they may just get hungry from a long journey.

To keep your horse and yourself safe, you should always have food, medicine and alcohol in your inventory. We also recommend that you stock up on resurrection potions and tonics to restore stamina. Never go on a long journey without supplies.

Do not pass by
When you travel, you will often come across people begging for help. Do not pass by. First, they will often give you rewards (money, jewels or weapons).

Secondly, you will improve your karma, which will make people more friendly to you. And most importantly, helping those in trouble will generate new adventures for you.

Don’t stick your nose in a place you shouldn’t
On the map you can see the individual regions marked in red. This means that there is an award for your head in those places. Do not run there, especially at the beginning of the game.

The bounty hunters will probably kick your ass if they see you. Either way, you’ll be able to explore all the places you’ve never explored before.

Clean your weapons
Just as in real life, any object, even the highest quality, can go bad over time, especially if it is not cleaned. In RDR 2, such items are weapons.

Clean your guns by yourself or with the traders. Not only will your weapons shine with new colors again, but they will also be more effective at killing enemies. Otherwise, the characteristics of the guns will gradually decrease.

Use cover-ups
Since GTA 4 Rockstar Games changed the mechanics of the shootings in such a way, you need to use cover. Don’t try to be Rambo and run to the enemies in the open. Most likely, you will be killed quickly.

When there are a lot of enemies, shoot from cover. When they’re less in number and your health is at its limit, use a sharp eye. Also try to shoot when the scope is as small as possible to increase your accuracy.

Choose your weapon wisely
The game doesn’t have as many weapons as, for example, GTA 5, but even here it is very different in its characteristics. Shotguns are best used when you need to kill enemies indoors. Try to equip carbines and rifles with sniper sights.

This way you can clear the area you want from a long distance, without approaching the enemy. As for bows, they’re better applied to animals. Firstly, you won’t ruin the meat, and secondly, you won’t scare the animal if the arrow doesn’t go where it’s needed.

Hide your face during robberies
If you decide to go on a case and rob a merchant, be sure to wear a mask or bandana to hide your face before you start.

After the robbery, do not try to kill as many lawyers as possible, as this will only increase the penalty for your head. The best thing to do is to ride your horse away until the chase is over.

Don’t forget to share your loot with the gang
Donate money and supplies in the camp to get various improvements and new opportunities. For example, for a few hundred bucks, you can buy fast moves, and if you put in more money, you will get new supplies every time you visit the camp.

The camp can be upgraded after completing the task “Monetary debts and other sins”, in which the character will have to take the money from three debtors.

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