A month has passed since the users of personal computers finally got the opportunity to buy the Red Dead Redemption 2 adventure western and join the life in the Far West. However, before that, the PC version of the game was distributed only through Rockstar Games and Epic Games Store, but now the sales have started on Steam platform, where the action release will take place today, on December 5.

There are three options available for pre-order – the original, as well as a special and ultimatum edition, which, in addition to the game itself, includes various in-game bonuses for story mode and multiplayer.

In addition, the developers announced another update for Red Dead Online, a multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2. It will be released on December 13 and will add another profession – moonshine, will introduce cowboys to a character named Maggie Fike, able to teach the subtleties of the process of alcohol preparation, and will introduce a chain of story tasks associated with this lady. In addition, the patch will also contain a bandit subscription II, a Navy revolver, new clothes and much more.

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