I started to receive the “Verification Ownership Failed” error message. I bought the game, so I own it. It was very annoying, and I tried to find a solution to that problem.

Let’s find out if there is a fix or not.

Fixed bug in checking ownership of the game
I tried to do a few things to solve this problem, it is obviously due to the licensing and launch of Rockstar Games. After all this, I was able to start my game without any problems.

Start by logging in and out of the Rockstar Games startup program, which seems to have solved the problem for some users.

Check the game files
Whenever there is an error in the game, the first thing you have to do is check the game files using the game’s launch pad. Currently, almost every launcher has the ability to check and download files.

Delete the Social Club files and reinstall Launcher

Instant correction: it worked for me. Go to Rockstar Settings> Account Information> Delete Local Profile.

Go to the official Social Club website to check if it works or not.
Download Social Club / Launcher and install it on the official download link
Try logging in and running the game, if the problem still exists, continue reading
Go to the Social Club installation folder
C:/Users/YourUsername/Documents/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2/Profiles/Profilename/pc_settings.bin
Now delete the pc_settings.bin file.
Go to Rockstar Startup Settings> Account Information> Delete Local Profile
Open “C: / Users / YourUsername / Documents /” and delete the “Social Club” folder.
This will remove any conflicting files or settings.

This is what I did to fix my problem. Hopefully, this will work for you as well.

The problems may also be related to the overload on the server. If too many people are trying to access the game at the same time, problems are unavoidable. I would advise you to wait or contact Rockstar Games if the problem persists.

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