Earning money in Resident Evil Village is a direct path to successful survival in the harsh world of the game. You can exchange bundles of lei for weapons, ammo, improvements and recipes for crafting. But since the game doesn’t spell it out (although you should start saving as soon as possible), we wrote this material on how to get a lot of money in Resident Evil Village. And in front of you is the guide on how to make a lot of money (lei).

Resident Evil 8 Village guide – How to earn a lot of money (lei)
You’ll come across bags of lei (local currency) scattered around the area on your way, literally from the very beginning. Sometimes you’ll come across rare items just lying around in the wild. So search everything – every drawer, closet, and door you see. Get a knife if you spot something like a vase and smash it. You might even find just a bag of lei.

Resident Evil Village quickly teaches you that you can’t kill every monster you encounter. But some of them are quite, and a Crystal Skull will fall out of some of the creatures you kill. Each such item is worth 900 lei if you sell it to Duke, the Resident Evil 8 Village merchant.

Pay special attention to the seemingly random glowing highlights that literally dot the landscape of Resident Evil 8 Village. Shoot at them and pick up crystal fragments from these locations.

You can find your first crystal fragment early in the playthrough when you explore the area around the statue of the Virgin of War in an attempt to open the castle gates. Each fragment will give you 2000 lei when you sell the crystal to the Duke.

That’s all you need to know on how to get and earn money (lei) in Resident Evil 8 Village.

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