With how involved Elena has been in the marketing of Resident Evil Village, players wonder if she plays a big role in the game. Those who have played the demo know that Elena appears to be dying in the fire that engulfs Louise’s house, but is there a way to save her? Read on to find out Elena’s full role in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village – Can you save Elena or will she die forever?
In the Resident Evil Village demo, players meet Elena and her father hiding in a barn. While helping her get to Louise’s house, her father turns into a lycan, knocks down a lantern, setting a fire, and killing most of the villagers. Elena shoots him with a shotgun when he attacks Ethan, and the two of them try to escape from the burning building.

Elena almost escapes through the upstairs window with Ethan, but her father reappears and she tries to help him. However, before Ethan manages to get her to admit that her father is no longer human, the boards on which she is standing begin to collapse, and both her father and she fall down.

Capcom showed Elena quite prominently in the pre-release materials, so many fans assumed that she would somehow survive the events at Louise’s house. However, she didn’t. It looks like Elena dies in the fire and doesn’t appear in the game again. Since the house is burning to the ground, Ethan can’t re-enter it to confirm her death, but it doesn’t look like she had any way to get out.

However, this is a Resident Evil game, so there is always a chance that Elena somehow got out. This won’t be the first time a character in the series has gotten away with a deadly situation. Perhaps she will appear in a future DLC for Resident Evil Village, if one is released.

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