Goat amulets are a type of collectible item in the new Resident Evil Village. Here’s how to find all the amulets.

Goat amulets are similar to Mr. Coon from RE2. They are small figurines with bobbing heads that make certain noises as Ethan approaches them. Your task is to find and smash all the amulets. Destroying them will bring the wrath of Mother Miranda upon you, and for sure this moment is related to getting some kind of secret finale.

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As you enter the village, you will see a small altar on the right leading to a crypt. Inside it will be the first goat amulet. You can destroy it by stabbing it or firing a pistol. As you understand, bullets are better saved for Lycans and other undead.

All goat amulets in Resident Evil Village
The very first amulet can be found in the village after meeting the old woman. Chat with the woman and make your way up to the tombstones. To their right is a small altar with a goat amulet inside. Stab him with a knife or shoot him with a gun.
Go a little higher up the slope with the tombstones (from the first amulet) and open the gate that leads to the courtyard with the temple. There is another amulet on the roof of the building.
In the village, in a field with tall grass, go to the gate leading to the courtyard of Louise’s house and jump over the fence on the left. Look at the fence of Louise’s house and see the amulet on top.
When you’ve drained the blood pool at Dimitrescu Castle (in the story, turning the four statues), go down the stairs and look right beside it for the amulet.
When you solve the riddle with the bells in the atelier and go up to the castle’s attic, turn around and see the amulet on the box.
When you return from the castle from the ritual place, go over the bridge and go down to the left to the lowering bridge. It can not be lowered now, but in the niche on the left you can find the amulet.
After returning from Dimitrescu Castle, go to the temple where you found the coat of arms with the maiden. Behind him there is a gate with a marker. Open them with the key with the mark and look for the goat’s amulet behind one of the crypts on the right.
After defeating Moro, don’t rush to leave the cave with the elevator. Instead, go to the place where you boarded the boat. Now there’s a shoal here. Go down and find a body of water with fish and a chest. Look in the opposite direction and see the amulet.
When you open the path to the fortress where Heisenberg sent you, turn left to Otto’s mill. Go into the water and to the right under the building to find the altar with the amulet.
When you find yourself inside the werewolf fortress and go up, there will be a swirling staircase leading down. Go all the way down and look at the end of the railing on the right. Further down the path leads to a bottleneck in the cave, which Ethan will squeeze sideways through.
In the Heisenberg factory, after killing the monster with the propeller, you’ll find yourself in the control room. There is a vent at the bottom left that leads to a room with supplies. There will also be an amulet there.
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