In this guide I will talk about the most important buildings in Rise of Kingdoms, except for the Town Hall and the Academy, as they are the basis of any city.

Improving the City Hall gives you more troops and more opportunities.
Improvement of the Academy gives you military and economic buffs.

Trade post
Rise of Kingdoms – the most important buildings for pumpingOh, very important because of the tax rate. When you pump it to a high level, the tax rate will be lowered to 8% and you will be able to transfer up to 5 million resources to your ally at one time (at 100% marching speed).

Rise of Kingdoms – the most important buildings for pumpingImost new players do not know the value of the warehouse, because at the beginning of the game it is almost useless, because you do not store a huge amount of resources.

When you improve the warehouse, it can protect more resources from enemy attacks. In the late stages of the game, if you have a low-level warehouse, and a lot of resources, the first thing the enemies will attack you.

Scout Camp
Rise of Kingdoms – the most important buildings for pumping This is a building that allows you to spy. You can use it to clear the fog of war, find tribal villages or caves, etc.

As you pump up the camp, you will be able to send several scouts at the same time and you will get some special scouting abilities such as higher marching speed, longer range, etc.

Improving a scout camp does not require much resources, but it does take a long time. Therefore it is recommended to pump up the camp during events that require time to build.

Rise of Kingdoms – the most important buildings for pumping – is the only place where you can heal your seriously injured soldiers. When you fight, the wounded units will be sent to hospital for treatment.

You can build a maximum of 4 hospitals, and you don’t have to work on them at the same time. Just slowly improve one building at a time.

Tip: If you upgrade 1 hospital, immediately upgrade the others to the same level.

The hospital determines your ability to fight on the battlefield. If all your hospitals are full, it is better not to go into battle, because your troops will die immediately, because there is no room for them in the hospitals.

At the maximum level, hospitals even give your troops 1% extra health.

Pumping hospitals gives a lot of extra energy. I recommend updating them during events like Power Up.

Rise of Kingdoms – the most important buildings for pumpingIt’s one very important structure, especially in the middle of the game. Here you place your defensive garrison commanders.

Wall is the first line of your city. If the enemies want to raid your city, first they have to deal with the wall.

Upgrading the wall increases its durability. If the wall starts to burn, its durability will gradually reach 0, after which you will be teleported to a random place.

While the city is on fire, you can extinguish it with a few gems.

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