In the previous tutorial, I explained how to get to the new kingdom using a teleporter for beginners, but to do so your account must be below level 9.

In the new Rise of Kingdoms update, you can change kingdoms at any time using the Passport.

How do I get my passport page?

Rise of Kingdoms - passport immigration

Go to the Alliance shop and buy a page for 600,000 credits. For new pages you need to pay 100,000 credits.

Rise of Kingdoms - passport immigration

You can also get a passport by buying one of the premium packages – for example, the New World.

Rise of Kingdoms - passport immigration

How to immigrate to the New Kingdom with a passport?

Zoom out the map until you see the globe icon in the bottom left corner. Click on it and find the Kingdom you want to immigrate to.

Rise of Kingdoms - passport immigration

Make sure you have New Kingdom status, your power borders on the immigration power of the new kingdom, and in addition, you have met all the requirements below:

The requirements for immigration:

City Hall Level 16 or higher.

You have enough passport pages. The number of pages required to immigrate is determined by your estimated power rating in the chosen kingdom.

All the queues are empty.

Neither your city nor your troops are fighting.

You are not part of the Alliance.

Your resources are no more than your warehouse can protect.

The kingdom you are trying to migrate to must have been in existence for more than 120 days and must not have been part of the Kingdom vs Kingdom event (KVK).

If the kingdom is an empire (top 32), they can only accept players with less than 25 power. The only exception is that once a month they can accept 1 player of any strength.

After that click on immigrate. If your immigration request is successful, the game will automatically restart and your city will appear at a random location in the selected province.

Rise of Kingdoms - passport immigration

How many passport pages does it take?

Depending on your expected rank, the number of passports required may vary.

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