During the event, a large number of Dark Fortresses will appear on the map.

Alliance members at level 4 and above can start the event at any time (note: Alliance must have at least 30 members).

Once the event starts, the Dark Fortress will send armies to attack Alliance member cities.

There will be 25 waves in total. Each 5 waves will consist of a light army.

If the Governor’s town has been destroyed twice, the Governor will be excluded from the event. If all Alliance members are destroyed, the event will be over.

Using a teleport during the Shadow Legion invasion will be considered 1 Violation.

If at least 15 members survive in all 25 waves, the Alliance will have access to the next level of difficulty of the Shadow Legion invasion event. Alliance leaders and officers can choose the difficulty in the event bar.

The Shields of Peace will not save you from the Shadow Legion.

The Shadow Legion armies have different special skills.

During each event, each alliance has only 1 chance to challenge.

How do I get points?

For the victory over the army of the Legion of Shadows you get individual points and alliance points.

There are several ways:

Just wait until your city is attacked.
Attack the enemy marching squads in the open field.
Pump the cities of people who are under attack.

The best commanders to defend
Pelagius + Ylchi Mundok
Sun Tzu + Ylchi Mundok

Just remember to leave the garrison commanders in your city to be protected while you help others.

Sync by honeybunny
You need commanders who move quickly between cities. So it’s best to use the cavalry.

Also, try to maximize your points by helping other players’ cities.

Tips and tricks
You only receive prizes when your personal points as well as those of your Alliance reach a certain level. For each event you will receive a prize corresponding to the highest pumped level. The prizes are sent via in-game mail.

If you leave your Alliance during the event, your individual points will be reset to zero.

Each Governor can only send one army to attack the Shadow Legion.

The Shield of Peace does not work in this event.

There will be many great rewards during the event, such as 100 gems, acceleration, etc.

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