Roblox Mad City guide with the current list of promotional codes for vehicle and weapon skins. To use the codes, open your phone in the game and find the blue Twitter icon. Click on it and you will see the next screen:

Roblox Mad City - codes (cheats) for February 2020

Click on the “Enter code” field and enter one of the codes below. Then click on “Send” and you will receive an award.

Working Codes
Skin transport: Napkin

Skin transport: RealKreek

Skin transport: 5K37CH

Skin transport: Bandites

Skin transport: uNiQueEe BACON

Skin holiday car for Birthday: 0N3Y34R

Skin automatic rifle AK-47: 0N3Y34R

Skin monochrome transport: 0N3Y34R

Skin transport: T4L3N

Heart SPAS Skin: B3M1N3

Skin Transport Solar Beam: B34M3R

Ice Skin for Transport: S33Z4N2

Street Skin for Transport: STR33TL1N3

Skin for transport Plasma: S34Z4N3

Pink skin for transport: TH1NKP1NK

Skin for transport Purple zebra: S34Z4N4

How to use skins for transport
You can pay 100 Robuxes to be able to change the skin of your car on the fly with the shop icon on your phone. If you do not want to spend roboxes, you can use skins by going to the wrench icon on the card.

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