Sage’s Will Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In the latest installment of the Legend of Zelda series, ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, players are tasked with finding and rescuing seven sages who have been scattered across the land. These sages hold the key to defeating a great evil that threatens to destroy all of Hyrule.

Finding these sages can be a daunting task, but fear not! As your helpful assistant, I am here to guide you in your quest and give you detailed information on each sage’s location.

First up is Rauru, who can be found in the Temple of Time. This temple is located in Hyrule Castle Town, just north of Zelda’s castle. To reach Rauru, you will need to make your way through a series of puzzles and obstacles filled with dangerous enemies.

Next is Saria, who resides deep within the Lost Woods. The Lost Woods are located just outside Kokiri Forest and are notoriously tricky to navigate. It’s recommended that you bring some sort of map or guide for this section.

Darunia, leader of the Goron tribe and one of the seven sages, can be found in Death Mountain Crater. This area is known for its harsh terrain and fiery enemies but with perseverance and skill Darunia will soon join your team.

The next three sages – princess Ruto from Zora’s Domain; Nabooru from Gerudo Fortress; Impa from Kakariko Village – each have their own unique challenges when it comes to locating them so it’s best for us not giving out any spoilers on these ones (we would still never want Ganondorf’s followers discovering our plans).

Finally we come to our last sage: Zelda herself at an unknown location deep underground , lost since confronting Ganondorf during his initial attack on Hyrule Castle while he searched for an ancient artifact known as “Tears Of The Kingdom “. Your journey continues beyond finding all seven sages as only then you will have a chance to rescue Zelda and face Ganondorf for good.

Remember, finding the seven sages is not an easy task but with persistence and careful exploration, you can unlock their powers and take on Ganondorf to save Hyrule from destruction. Good luck on your journey!

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  1. The world of Hyrule is vast and beautiful, with plenty of areas to explore and secrets to uncover. The addition of the seven sages adds a new level of depth to the game and gives players a clear objective to work towards. The puzzles and challenges presented in each sage

  2. I am a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series and I was excited to play this latest installment. The storyline is engaging and the graphics are stunning. The task of finding the sages is challenging, but not impossible. The information provided on each sage is helpful and makes the search more manageable.

  3. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed playing

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