Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem presents you with tough enemies when you pass the game; but you may have missed a few, considering that they’re not really that easy to find. To help with that, we’ve prepared this guide to Secrets and tips from Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – all secret bosses on how to find and defeat them.

Secrets and tips from Wolcen Lords of Mayhem – all secret bosses, how to find and beat them.

These secret enemies / bosses give you achievements for their murder and are completely optional. If you are looking for 100% completion, you will want to know each of their locations.

Queen Amadala – where to find the boss.

Queen Amadala can be found in the first act of the game. She is in the upper right corner of the map near the farmland. She’s a dangerous boss with minions on her likeness. You can easily defeat her by keeping the minions out of sight.

Kill them when they appear, and the rest of the battle should be very easy. For killing the Queen, you get the Vicmarcher Regicide achievement.

Mistchaper Malikia – where to find the boss

Next on the list of secret villains is Mistshaper Malikia. He is a necromancer, and he is quite easy to win.

He can be found around the corner from the beginning of the Helmshire map after you first meet Gernes. Malikia is slow, you probably won’t even have a chance to see all his attacks, and you will end up killing him quickly.

There’s no particular problem for him, so just jump, use the strongest attacks you have, and be on your funny way. Victory over him will give you the achievement “Shoot First”.

Big Bertha – where do you find the boss

Big Bertha is probably the toughest of all. She’s big and has a series of AoE attacks.

She’ll deploy electric balloons around her to interfere with your movement. Keep moving, avoid all red and watch out for her laser attacks.

Bertha can be found around the corner from Cell H at the end of the battlefield section in Act 3.

Once you kill Amadal, Malikiah and Bertha, you will successfully track down all the secret bosses and gain 3 achievements.

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