The doors to the throne room are currently sealed, so what’s next? This guide on how to open the doors of the throne room in Rogue Legacy 2 will tell you exactly how to open the doors so you can go to the room with your boss. This method is actually quite obvious.

Secrets and tips from Rogue Legacy 2 – How to open the door to the throne room.

I don’t know how early you can open the doors of the Throne Room. You may find them during the first few jogs. However, this is also due to insights. In order to gain insight, you must complete one of the tasks and then reach the Doors of the Throne again.

If you have Insight and are reading a nearby memory, it will tell you how to solve the puzzle. Both torches must burn together. This is done by jumping on the torch and then hitting it down. Sounds simple enough, but it’s really hard, at least I’ve made a lot of attempts.

You should definitely unlock Dash first. An extra jump with one of the runes will also help. It can be very unpleasant, but once I have Dash, I could do it in a few minutes.

Once you open the doors of the throne room, you can go in. As soon as you’re inside, you’ll be straight into battle with your boss. It can be a very difficult fight, depending on how much you have improved your lock, your equipment and other characteristics. The first time I went with less than 10% HP, and I was sent to the world very quickly. I hope you get luckier. If you’re not in good health, maybe try to find some meat before trying to get in and meet the boss.

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